About Us

Dhanashri Nigot

Dhanashri holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and has experience of 14 years working with brands like DWF Mindcrest India Private Limited, Ocwen Financial Corporation and with one of the big fours.

Dhanashri is a lawyer who is driving inclusion and innovation in law and promoting individuality with her employees. Her legal expertise is working with early stage and fast growing companies.

She has expertise in Legal Research, compliance and regulatory, contract management, litigation and document review. Her scholastic experience is extended to and about the end to end compliance and Due Diligence process for the company.

As a partner Dhanashri focuses on the operations to deliver the services timely and accurately.

What we are expert at

Legal Practice Areas

Legal Research

We have profound knowledge in the following areas like Litigation and non-litigation Research, Statutory legal Research, International Law Research, Regulatory and administrative Law Research etc.

Legal Compliance

For any business to work and operate successfully, they must first comply with certain rules and regulations which are binding upon them, failing which might land them in legal troubles.

Contract Drafting

We are highly experienced and provide the best service through step by step inclusion of specific clauses, terms and conditions, subject of the contract, amount of consideration, indemnity, dispute resolution etc.

Legal Audit

We strongly affirm that such audit will strengthen the lawful enforcement of the immaculate agreements that can optimize the smooth and successful operation of the businesses.

Our Team

Dhanashri Nigot

Srinivas Rao Kaveti